getting a home.

i keep clicking through the listings.

nope, that one’s too close to the parents.

eh, that one would require too much work.

hmm, that would be a great house to own someday, but we’re not there just yet.

no, that’s out of our budget.

this has potential! let’s look at this one!

and so the cycle goes, over and over and over. until we hone down the listings until we select a few houses worth our time. and from that list, maybe one or two are worth further consideration.

home office /

home office /

the process of buying a home is quite tedious, something i had been told from the start, but sort of doubted. there is just too much to take into consideration: commutes to work or school, shopping, yard size, school district, resale. the list is endless, but i feel we’re making some headway.

right now, however, i’m slightly obsessed with filling our potential home.

living room /

living room /

i’m looking into wall colors.

furniture options.

how i’ll hang photographs.

what types of wall art i’m buying.

i’m hoping to go more minimalistic. nothing splashy. never thought i’d say this, but i’d consider painting a room white and accenting it with big, bright wall hangings or rugs.

and it’s so exciting! i’m hoping to turn this blog into something of my own art museum – to curate home ideas, my own artwork and to discuss what things i discover that amuse me.


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