thank you notes.

i love writing thank you notes. i’m not sure why, because just a few years ago, i thought it was a pain in the ass. as a matter of fact, i’m pretty sure others would echo my sentiments! but why?

sister's thank you notes / target

sister’s thank you notes / target

a few years ago, i figured out a good way to write a thank you note so it wouldn’t become a boring chore (at the time, i was writing many thank you’s to donors for a trip i had taken). let’s admit it: it’s difficult writing a sincere thank you note, especially when you’re writing them in batches. since i’m to be wed in July, i know i will be receiving gifts, so i thought it would be good to recap and remind myself how to write a good thank you note that demonstrates gratitude and warms the reader’s soul.

  1. address the giver. i feel like this is a given, but instead of a casual “hey” or “hello” i find it’s best to use “Dear Jane…” or “Greetings Mr. and Mrs…”, especially if the letter is being written to an individual older than yourself. there have been occasions when i’ve addressed thank you’s in an informal manner, but it still feels weird.
  2. thank them for the gift (duh!) but pay close attention to point three, as this one coincides with thanking them for the gift.
  3. include an anecdote about the gift. maybe it’s a story about the gift and the compliments people have given you about it. or maybe you tell them how you utilize their gift. for example, if i receive a set of dishes at my shower: “thank you for lovely dish set! every time i pull one out of my cupboard, i think of you and your family and all the wonderful meals we have had together and the memories we have made!” this connects you to the giver and in turn, makes them feel appreciated because you not only appreciate the gift, but you value their presence in your life.
  4. to conclude, reiterate their thoughtfulness and sign the letter.


i’m also a bit of a stationary addict and collector. i will purchase a pack of thank you cards because their cute. sure i may not use them all right away, but dangit! thank you cards can be so cute and artsy so i must get them! in all seriousness, let’s discuss thank you note designs because a fun design can also be motivating.

source: /

source: etsy 

the paper is important. if it’s flimsy, pass. perhaps this is just a pet-peeve of mine, but i like my writing paper a bit thicker. and if it’s a card, then it better be cardstock!

design is incredibly important. when people open my thank you note, i don’t want it to be identical to the other wedding thank you’s they’ve received. in the past, i have often created my own thank you cards just to ensure it’s unique enough, plus a handmade card is amazing to receive, amiright?! but alas, it can be difficult to make 200 thank you notes for wedding gifts, so i resort to premade cards. either way, try to find something that fits your givers. make sure it has a pop or some pizazz. maybe a funky design or font arrangement. my sister recently purchased the above thank you notes and while they look tasteful, they have some sparkle and fanfare that is fun to open!

so, here’s to writing better thank you notes on prettier paper!


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