purchasing running shoes. hm.

i’m a runner. as a matter of fact, i met my fiancee while running (well, he runs faster than me, but whatever).

last year, i ran the Detroit Marathon and plan to run a marathon every other year. this year is my “off year”, except i’m not really taking running time off. i’m running two half marathons: one in June and the other in October. unfortunately, running is an expensive sport. take my shoes for instance:

my shoes / brooksrunning.com

my shoes / brooksrunning.com

$110. and with all the mileage i log, i need two pairs every year. this year, i’m contemplating buying two pairs of shoes and alternating between the two, so they’ll (theoretically) last longer. we’ll see how that goes. part of me wonders if this idea is just something i’ve heard from other runners in the store…which will get me to purchase a second pair of shoes right there that i otherwise wouldn’t buy. but i digress.

so here’s to me: i will be purchasing a new pair (or two?) of running shoes in the near future.


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